Seeds are miracles, potent vessels carrying the intelligence and consciousness of life within them.

They embody the divine design found in all of Nature’s creations, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all living beings.

This profound symbolism is reflected in our logo, perfectly aligning with our mission At U seed Organic, and our community.

Our logo is a tribute to the essence of nature & Greentech innovation, where the “Chlorophyll” molecule stands at the heart of our vision.

The Chlorophyll molecule gracefully captures the delicate balance we strive to achieve between nature and technology.

It mirrors the harmonious interplay between organic growth and Greentech innovation, forging a path toward a greener, more sustainable world.

We simplified the edges of the molecule, by transforming them unto an 8-pointed star.

In the middle we have a Hexagon, that represents the seed of life the basics of all creations.

They hold entire intelligent blueprints for life

As a beautiful metaphor for consciousness.

A seed also represents the divine design within all Nature creations.

Surrounding the “U” we transformed the sharp edges into 8 particles forming a Geometrical Flower, with leaves inspired by the sacred “Seed of Life” pattern.

The word “Organic” finds its place under the “SEE” word

This placement reinforces our core belief in co-creating a vision for an organic and harmonious world together.

Our logo embodies the essence of Universal-Unity & You,

represented by the letter “U” at the center.

Within the “U,” there’s an “i” symbolizing the unity between You & I, signifying a shared vision.

Combined, our logo celebrates the harmonious fusion of nature’s wisdom and the ingenuity of Greentech solutions.

It is a testament to the boundless possibilities of sustainable growth and the beauty of coexistence between the natural world, humanity & advanced technology.

Together, as a community, we sow the seeds of knowledge and consciousness,

nurturing a future where unity, harmony, and sustainability flourish. Let’s learn from the miracles of nature and co-create a thriving world for generations to come.

“you” seed the change you want to see in the world.

The “U SEED” team